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Win More Customers with Strategic Messaging – MOD023

April 01, 2017
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The Merchants of Dirt Podcast, hosted by founder Kyle M. Bondo, is a show dedicated to helping you build better off-road races and give you the sports management skills needed to promote successful mountain biking, trail running, orienteering, adventure racing, and endurance events. As part of the Reckoneer Media Network, Merchants of Dirt Podcast joins the Get Lost Racing Podcast in supporting Reckoneer’s education mission to teach race promoters how to build a successful race promotion business. Each episode provides subscribers with an insider’s guide to practical recreational engineering and useful race promotion education from the point-of-view of Kyle’s 20+ years of experience in the off-road racing industry.

Show Notes

Welcome to the Merchants of Dirt Podcast Episode #23, hosted by founder Kyle M. Bondo. This is your insider’s guide to practical recreational engineering where I teach you the art and science of building, promoting, and directing off-road races. In this episode, I talk about what strategies you can use to be more consistent when you communicate with your customers.

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    Strategic Approach or Shotgun Approach?

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    Developing a Strategic Approach to Communications

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    Learn How to Change a Life< with>

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    Build Your Own Communications Strategy

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    What Comes Next

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    Coming Up Next

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Strategic Approach or Shotgun Approach?

The Shotgun Approach
Defines an inconsistent method of messaging where you use every form of communications — all at once — hoping at least one of your messages will generate some interest.

The Strategy Approach
Defines which of those customers you are trying to reach, when do you need to reach them, and with what consistent message in a systematic and measurable way.

Developing a Strategic Approach to Communications

Why does the shotgun approach not work? The answer is consistency. Shotgun messaging is inconsistent. It hits a lot of other people who are not your customers, AND it requires your target customer to see your message and react right then.

Communications require consistency to work. Communications also require precision targeting. What way works best for telling the world your race exist? You’re not going to know until you first become consistent in how you communicate with your customers. This requires that you put away the shotgun and start building tools to help you deliver messages in a systematic and measurable way.

This is why your first tool is the Communications Strategy. A communications strategy (also referred to as a communications plan) is a document that expresses the goals and methods of your race promotion company’s outreach activities. Its power comes from its capability to include what your company wishes to share with your customers in a consistent way. It defines which of those customers you are trying to reach, and when do you need to reach them, with that consistent message.

Learn How to Change a Life< with was created to help you successfully create off-road races that change people’s lives. But when a race promoter fails or gets discouraged enough to quit, they never build the event that could have impacted that one person whose life could have been changed by it. They never get to share in the joy that comes from providing an experience to someone who didn’t know they could do it, or even the chance to motivate someone into just living a healthier life. Even if it was for just one event.

I saw so many race promoters disappear from the industry that I started to ask why? Why were they disappearing? Why were they going out of business? What I discovered was something astonishing. Nobody is teaching race promoters how to build race promotion businesses that thrive.

That’s why I created Reckoneer. I’ve taken everything I’ve learned from years of managing races through trial-and-error and created a catalog of free lessons, strategies, and tools that work. It is my answer to existing race promoter education gives back to the off-road sports community a better way to learn how to build races.

Reckoneer is now the #1 resource for the Race Promoter who didn’t major in business. I provide you with my best lessons learned in event design, race management, and race promotion education — all for free. If you don’t know how to grow your racing business, you just need a place that will tell you where to START, or you are ready to become successful at promoting off-road races, I can show you how.

My hope is that what you learn at will help you build better races. Please visit today, and learn how to build a race that could change a life.

Build Your Own Communications Strategy

#1 – Know your Purpose
This is a statement that declares what you hope to achieve with it.

#2 – Know your Place
Outline what your race promotion company does.

#3 – Knowing Your Competition
Identify who your competitors are and know which ones have a greater impact on you over another.

#4 – Know your Objectives
Think about what you want your company to look like three years from now and create approximately 3-5 realistic objectives that you can measure.

#5 – Knowing Your Stakeholders
Understand who your customer are (internal and external) by creating a stakeholder map that shows you which of your customers are the most important and why.

#6 – Knowing what to say
Once you know who your customers are, and who you most want to communicate to, you need to create relevant messages for each customer group, starting with those who are the highest priority.

#7 – Knowing how to say it
Decide on which communication channels (or methods) to use for each customer’s message and how many times you will communicate before they need to take action.

#8 – Know your Dates
Plan out when you will need to be communicating with your customers by setting up a table where you establish who receives what message, when they receive it, and who in your organization will send it.

#9 – Know your Success
Determine how each message that goes out will be measured to know how well you have been communicating and how effective those communications have been.

#10 – Know your Strategy
Now use your communications strategy as a tool to reach out and attract racers to your event. This is not something that is set in stone and each message is a tiny experiment all to itself.

What Comes Next

Effective communication is a cornerstone of a successful race promotion business. If you are able to communicate with your customers, your customers will communicate back by hopefully showing up to your races.

Next, you need to find out what channels work best with which customer groups. When you have a clear understanding of what that is, you can start experimenting with your message content and deciding what information produces the best results.

And now you know.

Coming Up Next

I have several interviews lined up that will include current race promoters telling you how they approach their race planning, direction, and business development. All that and more on the next Merchants of Dirt Podcast!

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