Get Addicted to Adventure with Michelle Faucher – MOD022

Michelle Faucher and I walk step by step through her latest adventure race launch and we learn how to Brake the Habit.

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Welcome to the Merchants of Dirt Podcast Episode #22, hosted by founder Kyle M. Bondo. This is your insider’s guide to practical recreational engineering where I teach you the art and science of building, promoting, and directing off-road races. In this episode, Michelle Faucher and I walk step by step through her latest adventure race launch and we learn how to Brake the Habit.

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    What is a volunteer?

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    Interview with Michelle Faucher

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Interview with Michelle Faucher

Adventure racing is one of those sports that is really a bunch of sports all wrapped into one big sport. It’s like an off-road triathlon in the woods, but with canoes… and orienteering… and maps… and you get to decide the course. Wow! Adventure racing is really NOT like triathlon at all! So how would you ever go about building one of these races?

I get a chance to talk a little Adventure Racing 101 with Michelle Faucher, Founder and Executive Director of Adventure Addicts Racing.

There are a lot of reasons to want to pay attention to what Michelle and Adventure Addicts Racing is doing. AAR currently produces not one but four Adventure Races a year — probably THE toughest formats to build in off-road racing.

And if that wasn’t tough enough, they are involved in hosting this year’s XTERRA Charlottesville. Michelle is also the ONLY race promoters in the United States to produce an Women Only Adventure Race — called The Buff Betty! You can find out all about these epic races over at

Michelle gets into all of this and more!

Coming Up Next

I’m going to get into strategies you can use to improve your race registration numbers. With a little practice and some discipline, I can show you how to NOT suffer the woes of poor registration turnout.

All that and more on the next Merchants of Dirt Podcast!

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