MOD 026: Get Busy Crunching the Numbers with Cy Sack

Cy Sack from

Merchants of Dirt Episode #26

Cy Sack from walks me through the State of Adventure Racing and shows how a few stats can go long way to making big decisions.

In This Episode

  • 0:01 – Welcome
  • 3:05 – Interview with Cy Sack
  • 42:55 – Adventure Race Summit
  • 50:05 – Promo
  • >52:00 – Call to Action

Key Take Away #1

Interview with Cy Sack: I had the chance to interview Cy Sack from Cy gets into the analytics surrounding Adventure Racing and gives us a view into the State of American Adventure Racing that you will not believe. Unique sports analytics and data-driven decision making that only Cy Sack — Adventure Racing’s Big Data Scientist — can provide! Cy dives deep into where adventure racing is thriving, where it needs help, what AR formats are most popular, why AR statistics are so hard to find, and why he things adventure racing needs to make some changes.

Key Take Away #2

Adventure Race Summit: If you heard Cy and I talk about an Adventure Race Summit, and you would like to get in on the conversation, please reach out to me @MerchantsofDirt on Twitter. Let’s see if we can make this happen in 2018! Promo: If you use the promo code “reckoneer” at Adventure Race Hub’s Shop, you will receive a 30-percent off! Help me break Cy’s store by ordering your next Adventure Racing swag at today!

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