MOD 013: Mr. Murphy just canceled your race

Merchants of Dirt Episode #13

When it comes to Mr. Murphy and bad weather ruining your off-road race, you need to have a cancellation policy, a rain date, and be ready to give refunds.


MOD 012: Earn race customers for life

Merchants of Dirt Episode #12

You must be deliberately focused on creating the most positive experiences you can manage for every customer you come in contact with. By using The Disney Approach is an example of a customer service strategy, can you rely on a formula that has 50-years of proof to back it up.


MOD 011: Strategies for picking your race dates

Merchants of Dirt Episode #11

Picking your race dates is an important part of your strategic process that requires you to remove all the wrong dates before the right dates will emerge. I also talk about how obstacle course racing is doing something that adventure racing is not: getting people — customers — interested in off-road endurance sports again.

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