MOD 043: Tales from the Collegiate Sports Laboratory

Merchants of Dirt Episode #43

Collegiate sports clubs can give college kids a platform for racing while serving as your personal laboratory for testing your race direction ideas.

The Collegiate Club Laboratory

College Club Sports are their own animals. They can be hard to form and even harder to control. But once you get one off the ground, they can become your very own race direction laboratory. That is if your experiments don’t try to eat you first.

Start a Club

  • #1 – Find a school that doesn’t have a sport you want to direct and talk to them about serving
  • #2 – Fill out an MOU and make being on campus legitimate
  • #3 – Start volunteering and recruiting new riders
  • #4 – Create club officers and have the club become an official USA Cycling Club
  • #5 – Get your riders racing in USA Cycling conference events

Build a Reputation

  • #1 – Think about promoting local event idea and start planning
  • #2 – Direct your first small event and give the club some money to work with
  • #3 – Pay attention to how other schools produce their events (good and bad)
  • #4 – Get big enough to host one of the USA Cycling events on the conference calendar
  • #5 – Direct an even bigger event and establish the club within the conference

Conduct your Experiments

Once you have a foothold, promote your annual event until you can no longer support it.

How to know when the experiments have worked:

  • #1 – You learned enough to know race direction is not for you
  • #2 – The club has outgrown your involvement
  • #3 – Your events can stand on their own

In the end… you could start a club, end up with a launching an outdoor events business

All done for a good cause, in a safe environment, and for a fraction of the cost.

And Now You Know!

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