MOD 030: Turn a No into a Yes with Relationship Building

Merchants of Dirt Episode #30

In this episode, I illustrate how to turn a No into Yes and get into places you’ve never raced before by using an approach that will help you form better relationships with your local trail steward organizations.

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In This Episode

  • 0:01 – Welcome
  • 0:48 – An Example of a Beautiful Partnership
  • 33:11 – Call to Action

Key Take Aways

I explore an interesting example found in a recent article in Dirt Rag Mountain Bike Magazine of how to form a relationship with trail stewards

The article titled ACCESS: Tomorrow Sometimes Comes – Flood Becomes the Catalyst for a Beautiful Partnership by Ben Davis (DirtRag Issue #199, Pages 54-58, July 1, 2017) talks about how a 2013 flood helped change mountain biking in Golden, Colorado forever.

By understanding his story, you not only see how he helped transform the perception of mountain bikers in Golden, but how you too can use this approach to:

  • Build better relationships with trail stewards by being the first to volunteer
  • Take on a servant-first/benefits-second attitude when it comes to your view of trail maintenance
  • Partner with other trail users (e.g. equestrian groups, hiking clubs) can be mutually beneficial
  • Understand why you need to be the one to set the example

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Kyle Bondo
Kyle Bondo is a thinker, podcaster, author, and creative strategy dragon seeking to make a small dent in the universe. He is the founder of Reckoneer, host of the Merchants of Dirt and Get Lost Racing podcasts, and an avid mountain biker and adventure racer.
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