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MOD 026: Get Busy Crunching the Numbers with Cy Sack

Cy Sack from Adventureracehub.com

Merchants of Dirt Episode #26

Cy Sack from adventureracehub.com walks me through the State of Adventure Racing and shows how a few stats can go long way to making big decisions.


MOD 024: Get Soggy Setting Courses with Mark Montague

Merchants of Dirt Episode #24

Mark Montague and I walk step-by-step through his latest adventure race launch and we learn how to SPROUTE adventure racing courses.


MOD 022: Get Addicted to Adventure with Michelle Faucher

Merchants of Dirt Episode #22

Michelle Faucher and I walk step-by-step through her latest adventure race planning and learn what goes into directing the Brake the Habit adventure race.