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MOD 039: 5 Things that make a multi-day slogfest special

There are some hidden challenges that hide within the multi-day slogfest that few one-and-done race directors have experienced.

Merchants of Dirt Episode #39

There are some hidden challenges that hide within the multi-day slogfest that few one-and-done race directors have experienced.

Directing a Multi-Day Race

The multi-day race is a special kind of challenge that requires more than one plan, better communications, and hopefully a few hours of sleep.

In this episode, I’m going to give you the five (5) takeaways I learned after directing a Multi-Day racing event that include:

  • Race Day Plans Change — Both Days
  • Keeping Everyone in Town
  • Keeping the Venue Alive
  • Volunteer Burnout
  • Race Director Burnout

These are the hard lessons learned when the complexity is doubled and the problems that emerge are so unique that you will never see them coming.

That is until you are in the middle of the chaos.

After doing a dozen of these multi-day races I have a perspective that few single day race directors have the chance to experience.

That means that if you’re a one-and-done promoter, or you’re thinking about tackling the multi-day race format, then you need to buckle up buttercup.

Because I’m going to pull back the curtain and expose the 5 challenges you will certainly discover when you decide the commit to this type of slogfest.

A slogfest that does not end when the first day’s sun goes down.

Race Day Plans Change — Both Days!

Key takeaways:

  • Some things you planned do not work on race day (impractical)
  • Other things sound like a great idea but then turn out to be silly (overkill)
  • Too much turnout of certain categories (or a lack of turnout) can change your plans

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Keeping Everyone in Town

Key takeaways:

  • Not everyone is going to stay the entire time
  • Communications need to be clear each day
  • Understand that people may have traveled a long way to race
  • Delays, cancellations, and mistakes are compounded

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Keeping the Venue Alive

Key takeaways:

  • The venue is vulnerable during the time between each day
  • Running out of supplies on Day 2+
  • Having to recheck everything again
  • Weather double-jeopardy

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Volunteer Burnout

Key takeaways:

  • Volunteers for Day 1 are much easier to lock down than Day 2
  • Too much effort in getting volunteers to come on Day 1
  • Scramble to find volunteers for Day 2
  • Racers are smart
  • Areas that I thought would be a problem turned out to not be a problem

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Race Director Burnout

Key takeaways:

  • Two Day events are exhausting
  • Take all the gear with you after the end of race one
  • Bring it all back for race two
  • Single-point of failure for gear and planning

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