About the Podcast

Merchants of Dirt, hosted by Kyle Bondo from Reckoneer.com, is dedicated to helping you start a successful outdoor business. Each episode provides you with Kyle’s exclusive, behind-the-scenes perspective that only his 20+ years of producing endurance, trail, water, orienteering, mountain bike, and adventure races can provide. The result is a show that can help you start a new event, or build a career that keeps you outside for the rest of your life!

Merchants of Dirt Podcast is part of Reckoneer Media, and joins the Get Lost Racing Podcast in supporting Kyle’s mission to teach race promoters how to start, direct, and grow successful races.

About the Host

Kyle Bondo is a thinker, podcaster, author, and creative strategy dragon seeking to make a small dent in the universe. He is the founder of Reckoneer, host of the Merchants of Dirt and Get Lost Racing podcasts, and an avid adventure racer. As a successful race promoter with over 20+ year in the endurance racing industry, Kyle has helped many race directors and race promoters start and improve their own races so that they too can share their passion for endurance sports with others.

Kyle has created training resources like Reckoneer Go-Loop and Race Promotion Roadmap, produced events like Wolf Bouncer All Mountain, Wednesdays at Wakefield MTB Series, and leads beginner mountain bike rides with Washington DC Mountain Bike Meetup.

About the Co-Host

Mr. Murphy is completely fictional… or is he? As a lawyer, saboteur, and mischief-maker, Mr. Murphy (of the law firm Murphy, Murphy, and Murphy) has been a frequent visitor to the podcast since episode #1.

Best known for Murphy’s Law — A Definitive Guide to Wrecking Everything, Mr. Murphy is a big believer in whatever can go wrong, will go wrong, with a particular enjoyment of having it happen at the worst possible time, and in the worst possible sequence.

As a co-host of the Merchants of Dirt Podcast, Mr. Murphy serves as a constant reminder to always Murphy-proof your planning by trying to think like Mr. Murphy and beat him at his own game.

When not wrecking plans, timing, schedules, profit margins, and trails, Mr. Murphy enjoys collecting vintage hand-grenades, mountain bike chain links, headlamp batteries, compasses, sunglasses and spending time with Bad Luck, his good hunting dog.

Last modified: December 28, 2017

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