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MOD 036: Everything’s Bigger in Montana

When you compare your local races to championship races you learn that it’s the same plan, course design, and processes, only on a bigger scale.

Merchants of Dirt Episode #36

When you compare your local races to championship races you learn that it’s the same plan, course design, and processes, only on a bigger scale.

Merchants of Dirt Podcast Turns One

Merchants of Dirt Podcast released Episode #1 on On October 13th, 2016.

It all started after I built Reckoneer.com into a strong blog about off-road race direction and event management.

I was looking for another way to share my race building tips without having to always point people to my articles.

That’s when I discovered podcast production and that I could create content that people could listen to while out on the trail.

Merchants of Dirt has now grown into 30+ episodes, expanding all my Reckoneer.com articles into something far more impactful.

It even led to my spin-off podcast Get Lost Racing and the development of my first race building tools: The Go-Loop Process and the Race Promotion Roadmap.

In just one year I have learned how to use this podcasting medium to make a difference that has directly helped race directors build better races.

Which is a very cool feeling!

So, in honor of my 1st podcast anniversary, I want to thank everyone that has subscribed to this podcast, shared this podcast with a friend, given me feedback, and kept me motivated to continue this show.

I look forward to continuing the Merchants of Dirt Podcast for another 30 episodes!

Everything’s Bigger in Montana

When you compare your local race to a championship race you would be surprised.

Surprised to learn that it’s the same plan, same course design, and same process… only bigger!

Sure it’s a massive undertaking.

Sure it’s full of hundreds of racers.

And of course, you’re going to need more staff, more parking, and possibly a bigger boat.

But that has everything to do with scale.

Your Small Race IS a Big Race only smaller

Building a big race is no different than building a small race.

It’s just like a small event… only bigger!

#1 — Same planning process: You still need a good venue, permission to use it via a permit, insurance to protect the race director and the racers, marketing to get racers to come, and officials to make it all legitimate.

#2 — Same course design process: You still need to define the course, fix the trail to make it work, figure out the best way to make it safe, mark the course to make it make sense, and clean it all up when the race is done.

#3 — Same race day direction and execution process: You still need to get everyone registered, get them to the starting line, keep them safe during the race, find a way to know who won, give everyone results, and have a podium of the top winners.

Paying it Back

When you get to that special time of year, you have to think about paying it back to those that have made my year great.

I have three groups I want to acknowledge for 2017:

#1 — Bikenetic Shout-Out

Bikenetic Full Service Bicycle Shop owned by Jan Feuchtner [Foo-Kit-Ner] and Helen Huley is a small, family-owned shop in Falls Church, Virginia. Jan and Helen are bike enthusiasts and have a love for all things bike, centering their bicycle shop around the Kona, Jamis, Bianchi, Salsa, Raleigh, and Surly brands.

What did Bikenetic do?
Bikenetic is serious about supporting local biking. Not only did Bikenetic provide the support to help me launch the George Mason University Cycling Club in 2014, but when my Wolf Bouncer mountain bike race was having trouble finding podium prizes, Jan and Helen stepped in to save the day with all sorts of products for race winners. Every time I have asked for help, Bikenetic has been there. Actions speak louder than words, and if the actions of Jan and Helen should tell you just what kind of service you will get at Bikenetic.

It is worth the trip to Bikenetic
Bikenetic Full Service Bicycle Shop
201 W. Jefferson St. Falls Church, VA 22046
Contact them at (703) 534-7433, on Facebook, or info@bikenetic.com

#2 — Will Nichols Shout-Out

Will Niccolls is the host of the Angry Mountain Biker Show podcast, PMBIA (Professional Mountain Bike Instructor Association) Certified Level 1 mountain bike instructor, Wilderness First Aid Certified, Adventure and wildlife photographer, Podcaster, mountain biker, rock climber, lover of chips and salsa. So when it comes to mountain biking, Will knows what he’s talking about.

Learn more about Will
Will was kind enough to come out to my Wolf Bouncer mountain bike race in September and take some fantastic action photos of the riders. You can find Will’s podcast on Apple Podcasts, on Facebook, or see his camera work at Will Niccolls Photography

#3 — Ricks Roasters Shout-Out

Ricks Roasters Coffee Company owned by Sean and Keely Ricks is a veteran and family-owned coffee roaster and coffee wholesaler in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Sean and Keely Ricks are passionate about coffee and went into business with the belief that is it IS “all about the bean”.

Give Ricks Roasters a Try
When you place your first order of Ricks Roasters coffee from ricksroasters.com, use my exclusive Promo Code: Wolf Bouncer — and receive 13-percent off (First order only).

Ricks Roasters is Good Coffee:
Ricks Roasters Coffee Company
1304 Interstate Business Park
Fredericksburg, Virginia 22405
Contact them at (540) 318-6850, on Facebook, or info@RicksRoasters.com

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