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MOD 041: Make event management jelly with Jennifer Crawford

Jennifer “Jelly” Crawford from The Jelly Vision Show walks me through the strategies and struggles of directing a conference from the ground up.

Merchants of Dirt Episode #41

Jennifer “Jelly” Crawford from The JellyVision Show walks me through the strategies and struggles of directing a conference from the ground up.

Enter the Jellysode

Jennifer “Jelly” Crawford from The JellyVision Show is the founder and event director of DC Podfest, a small but scrappy podcasting conference held once a year in Washington, DC.

Jennifer started DC Podfest in 2015 with a vision of seeing it as a community for like-minded podcasters to come together and learn from in each other.

Now in its third year, DC Podfest has grown its audience to over 130 attendees.

But getting to this point was not easy.

In this interview, Jennifer lays out seven keys points that all event managers need to consider when building an event:

  • #1 – It has to benefit your community
  • #2 – Be successful enough to pay people
  • #3 – Size matters if you want to make a profit AND deliver value
  • #4 – Sponsorship money will not come until you prove your committed
  • #5 – Building a community takes time
  • #6 – Venues will always change so don’t be married to your venue
  • #7 – You cannot start anything without a date and a venue

And now you know!

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