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MOD 053: Race Invention is the Mother of Necessity

Kyle highlights The Lockdown AR-style virtual activity challenge designed by Rootstock Racing and what you can learn from this experimental four-day event.

Merchants of Dirt - Race Invention is the Mother of Necessity

Merchants of Dirt Episode #53

Kyle explores The Lockdown AR-style virtual activity challenge designed by Rootstock Racing and what you can learn from this experimental four-day event.

Race Invention is the Mother of Necessity

Rootstock Racing, based in Philadelphia, PA, is hosting The Lockdown: an AR-style virtual activity challenge designed to bring what they are calling “a little bit of normalcy” to an Adventure Racer’s life between Mon April 13 – Sun May 31, 2020. The idea behind The Lockdown is to have participants complete a personal eight-stage, four-day (96-hour) event within a 21-hour window of activity.

The Lockdown stages include:

  • Stage 1: Run/Trek
  • Stage 2: Bushwhack
  • Stage 3: Road Ride
  • Stage 4: Trail Ride
  • Stage 5: Multisport
  • Stage 6: Non-Bike/Run Discipline
  • Stage 7: Strength Building
  • Stage 8: Navigation challenge

What’s the catch?
The Lockdown challenge must be completed by May 31, 2020. This means you can start The Lockdown any time between April 13 to May 28, 2020. But once you start it, you have 96-hours (4-days) to complete all eight stages.

Those that sign-up (anywhere in the world – $35) and become official finishers receive a t-shirt in the mail and enter to win prizes. Rules, details, and participant information is sent by email within 24 hours of registration.

All proceeds (minus administration costs) go to charity. Learn more on Facebook Event Page or Register now of The Lockdown!

NOTE: Kyle M. Bondo, Merchants of Dirt Podcast, or Reckoneer is not connected to this event nor affiliated with Rootstock Racing in any way. I’m just a really big fan and hopefully one of the finishers. As of Tuesday, April 14th, The Lockdown had 147 registrants representing 35 states and 3 countries — so they are off to a great start!

About Rootstock Racing
Rootstock Racing, founded by Abby Perkiss and Brent Freedland, is a non-profit organization located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Rootstock seeks to add adventure into the daily lives of its racers, regardless of age or experience. Serving the greater community of Philadelphia but also reaching well beyond the city limits, Rootstock encourages individuals, friends, and families to explore the natural world around them while also challenging themselves physically and mentally. In addition to fostering sports and adventure, Rootstock Racing seeks to give back to local environmental and conservation efforts while advocating for responsible use of the amazing outdoor spaces participants will visit. Learn more on their Facebook Page or at Rootstockracing.org.

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