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MOD 006: You start with a roadmap

Stop being the single point of failure by building a roadmap that leverages the techniques of documentation, consensus, and orchestration.

Merchants of Dirt Episode #6

Stop being the single point of failure by building a roadmap that leverages the techniques of documentation, consensus, and orchestration.

Key Take Away #1: Everything starts with a first something

Race promoters have difficulty with first.

What to do first, what to buy first, what to promote first.

So instead of trying doing what they SHOULD do first, like learning about their business, watching how other race promoters do it, or writing things down so they don’t have to learn them again, they wing it.

Mr. Murphy LOVES the “wing it” crowd!

Those are his people!

I think Mr. Murphy has a whole waiting room full of race promoters who just wing it.

It’s what paid for his monster Ford/Hennessey F-250 Super Duty VelociRaptor SUV.

Key Take Away #2: Racer turned promoter

If you’re like me, you are a racer turned promoter.

As a racer, the first thing you most likely feel comfortable tackling in your race plan is one thing you know best: your course design.

The course design is a racer’s comfort zone.

Everyone arrives at their own FIRST STEP in different ways.

For the racer turned promoter, FIRST is what you know — The Course!

Unfortunately, this is where most race promotion businesses start to GO OUT OF BUSINESS.

After creating a course, there is a reverse engineering process that starts to take place in an attempt to make all of the decisions you made while “WINGING IT” fit into all the right boxes.

THEIR NEXT is to build a business AFTER the race stuff.

The result is a mixed up sequence of activities, resulting in an environment where nobody knows what comes next.

Key Take Away #3: Be a Race Promoter, Not a Race Director Revisited

In Episode #4 — Be a Race Promoter, Not a Race Director, I talked about how the race promoter runs the business, while the race director is a role within the company: a role that runs the race.

I also talked about how when you first start out, the Race Promoter and the Race Director is often the same person.

Why should you not start with Course Design and Races before your build a business?

When you WING IT — you have all the control.

And YOU are the only one who knows what comes next. Now only you — if you have time — can get anything done.

Nothing is written down.

Nothing is followed.

It’s just you and your gut! Riding off into the sunset.

Meanwhile, you can’t share a single task with anyone else. Not unless you take the time to explain all the WHAT’S and WHY’S of doing it.

Welcome to your single point of failure: YOU!

Key Take Away #4: STOP being the single point of failure

First, you go back to kindergarten and remember that sharing is good.

Next, learn to let go of some of that control.

Finally, you start sharing the way YOU want your races to go with others using a roadmap.

Key Take Away #5: Develop your roadmap

You build a roadmap by leveraging the techniques of documentation, consensus, and orchestration.

These are the cornerstones of successful race promotion.

Documentation: Get your process out of your head. When you put it into a form everyone can see and share, you begin to remove yourself from being the single point of failure.

Consensus: Stop doing everything yourself and start involving your team to increase your capability by seeing the things you never noticed before.

Orchestration: Execute your process.

This is how the race promoter turns a documented plan into a profitable race.

If documentation, consensus, and orchestration are the cornerstones of race promotion, then the roadmap is the structure that these stones support.

Without one of the cornerstones, the structure falls.

This makes the roadmap a fundamental tool used for sharing the race promoter’s overall plan with the team.

It allows everyone involved to see the big picture and agree on how it will be implemented.

No one cornerstone out-weights another.

They all have to be in sync for the roadmap to work.

And Know you know.

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